IQ2020 Heater Relay Board Hot Springs PN 77119 or 74618 (old PN)

 IQ2020 Heater Relay Board Hot Springs PN 77119 (74618 old PN)

 Replaces the 74618 as of 9-10-2013

Watkins PN: 77119 (replaces PN 74618 and 73355)

This IQ 2020 heater relay circuit board replaces all older style heater relay boards. This replacement is for all IQ 2020 controllers in all Hot Spring and Tiger River spas. It is the newest revision built even beefier to better endure areas where voltage spikes or frequent power outages occur. This heater circuit board also serves as a buffer to help protect the main (IQ2020) board especially in lightning prone areas. The part comes from the factory with the jumpers for a 120 volt wired spa. If your spa is wired 240 volt then you'll need to follow instructions (included) for inserting the jumpers prior to energizing the spa.

 What is included: Upgraded IQ 2020 Heater Relay Board w/ Jumpers & Shortened Screws for the front cover of the IQ2020


More Descriptors: This IQ2020 Heater Relay Circuit Board is the newest revision for the 2001-2008; 2010 - Current IQ2020 Control Box in ALL Hotspring Limelight, and Tiger River Spas. It's upgraded design provides a more efficient method of connecting the heater's power cord to this board. The black wire from the heater's power cord now connects into the H1 position on the large gray terminal block. The heater's white wire (neutral) connects onto its own separate gray terminal block. This will reduce stress on the relays and increase their lifespan due to better transfer of voltage. The ground wire connection remains the same. This upgraded circuit board replaces the first and second generation boards in the IQ 2020 Control Board found in all 2001-2008 Hot Spring and Tiger River spa models.

Symptoms this part has failed:

• No power going to the heater even though the red HTR ON L.E.D. light is lit inside the IQ2020 control box. • The heater board is charred on the front and/or the backside.

Picture of fried/charred relay board:


How to Find your Spa Serial Number?

If emailing or calling us about your spa, it is helpful to know your Spa’s Serial Number. Typically, your spa serial number decal will be inside the hot tub equipment compartment, attached to the spa shell wall. It will say the Manufacture Name (Watkins), the Model Name, and then a Serial Number. If you have any questions of how to locate the spa SN, or how to determine information of your spa by its SN, please email us.

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  • IQ2020 Heater Relay Board  Hot Springs PN 77119 or 74618 (old PN)