Watkins HotSpring 6kw / 1.5kw No-Fault Heater Element 1995-Current 73790

Watkins / HotSpring 6kw / 1.5kw No-Fault Heater Element 1995-Current 73790 

TITANIUM HEATER!  -- watch out for internet knock-off Watkins heaters that are NOT Titanium, nor Factory. Any heater that is not titanium or that has a reset button is NOT Watkins factory, but a knock-off.

73790 Watkins PDR (Power Down Reset) Heater Assembly, 6kw (220/230V spas) / 1.5kw (110/115V spas) - see spa model listing below.


What's Included: Watkins No-Fault PDR Titanium Heater, 1/4" vinyl tubing 12", 1/4" clamps & thermistor o-rings, and easy-to-follow install instructions for the DIY-er

Description: This 2007 version No-Fault PDR (Power Down Reset) Titanium Heater is the newest universal replacement heater from the makers of Hot Springs spas. Its double-pass sleek design replaces all previously discontinued heater styles that are listed below. The double-pass feature efficiently heats the water in two stages. Now factory approved and warranted for all 115volt and 230volt installations for 1995-2002 Hot Spring and Tiger River spa models. This heater replaces all No Fault® 6000 heaters, Watkins Hot Spring No Fault® 5500 cartridge heater elements, No-Fault 6000 cartridge heater replacements.

73790 6kw/1.5kw heater for the following spa models:

HotSpring: Classic, Jetsetter, Prodigy, Sovereign, Vanguard (the Aria, Envoy, Grandee, and Vista models use PN 73791 4kw Heater)

Tiger River: Sumatran, Bengal (the Caspian uses the 73791 4kw Heater)

Limelight: all Limelight Spas by Hotspring use the 73791 4kw Heater)



It is our recommendation that when replacing an older heater to consider replacing the two thermistors that are connected from the heating element to your spa's control board. These thermistors are the Control-Stat and the Hi-Limit thermistors. We carry both in stock. See below for the correct thermistors for your model year spa:

Model Years 1995-2001: PN 38416 Hi-Limit & PN 38415 Control-Stat

Model Years 2002-Current: PN 39525 Hi-Limit & PN 39530 Control-Stat


How to Find your Spa Serial Number?

If emailing or calling us about your spa, it is helpful to know your Spa’s Serial Number. Typically, your spa serial number decal will be inside the hot tub equipment compartment, attached to the spa shell wall. It will say the Manufacture Name (Watkins), the Model Name, and then a Serial Number. If you have any questions of how to locate the spa SN, or how to determine information of your spa by its SN, please email us.

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  • Watkins HotSpring 6kw / 1.5kw No-Fault Heater Element 1995-Current 73790