Hot Spring Spa Silent Flo E5 Circulation Pump Watkins PN 74427

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Hot Spring Spa Silent Flo E5 Circulation Pump Watkins PN 74427 

 What's Included: E5 SilentFlo Circulation Pump w/ Power Cord and Install Instructions

Description: This SilentFlo E5 circ pump replaces all previous versions of single speed and two speed circulation pumps. This small circulation pump is used in all model HotSpring, Limelight, and Tiger River spas 1996 to Current. We only sell NEW pumps, no rebuilds. Replaces the Silent Flo 5000 or earlier models.

Tiger River Spas: all models

HotSpring Spas: 1996 to current

Limelight Spas: 2008 to Current

Replaces PN 73588 (older version SilentFlo 5000)

Install Instructions included (easy to follow)

 Note: This and all circulation pumps are water lubricated and cooled and require the presence of water at all times. This pump should NOT be operated without water present in the spa. If a "dry run" occurs , the pump has an internal safety device that will automatically shut it down. To reset this pump simply power down the spa for 30 seconds then power it back up.

Technical Specs: 115 volts / 35 watts (6,000 Gallons every 24 hours)