FreshWater FIlter Cleaner COMBO PN 76766 & 76767

FreshWater FIlter Cleaner COMBO PN 76766 & 76767

Extend your spa's filter life with this COMBO pack of the Instant Filter Cleaner Spray-On (intermittent cleaning) AND the FIlter Cleaner "Deep-Clean" Granules.

Watkins Item #: 76766 & 76767 COMBO

FreshWater Filter Cleaner COMBO 2# Granule Cleaner & 16 Oz. Instant Filter Cleaner Spray

76766 Instant Filter Cleaner (quick, intermittent cleaning):


  1. Turn off power to spa
  2. Remove filter(s) from spa
  3. Spray filters with Instant Filter Cleaner -- let sit for 15 minutes.
  4. Rinse the filters really well - special attention to getting in-between filter pleats.
  5. Place filters back in spa
  6. Turn power to spa back on. Enjoy your hot tub!

76767 Filter Cleaner Granules - 2# -- A Deep Cleaning of your spa Filters

Acid Soak your filters (paper and ceramic filters) overnight for a DEEP clean. Thoroughly rinse and re-insert into spa. The ULTIMATE cleaner for your spa filters. Keeps your flow Flowing.


  1. Turn off power to spa
  2. Remove filter(s) from spa
  3. Fill plastic bucket (big enough to hold all your filters) half way with water.
  4. Pour Filter Cleaner Granules into water (1/2 bottle for 1-3 filters; whole bottle for 5 filters)
  5. Place filters in water. (wear plastic gloves -- and be sure to wash hands afterwards)
  6. Fill bucket to cover filters
  7. Let soak 24 hrs. (FYI  color of water will turn red/purple and yellow)
  8. Drain bucket and remove filters.
  9. Rinse filters thoroughly (maybe even after rinse, re-fill bucket with clean water and soak filters for 1-2 hours longer in the clean water).
  10. Place filters back into spa
  11. Turn power to spa back on. Enjoy your hot tub!


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