Watkins Spa Covers


We recommend ordering a factory cover from your local HotSpring Dealer as they will be able to service your spa and also install the cover for you (and perhaps remove your old one). However, if you do not have a local HotSpring Dealer, and you are a DO-IT-YOURSELFer, we are available to assist in getting you a genuine Watkins Factory Spa Cover -- not a substandard internet knock-off.
The Watkins factory lift Systems (Upright, Cover Cradle, and Lift 'N Glide) will line up directly to the metal plates inside the spa cover for a secure and perfect installation. Remember, Watkins covers are the only spa cover for HotSpring that have the metal plates pre-installed under the vinyl and line up with the Watkins lift systems.  Thank you for visiting. If you do not see your cover listed, please call us at 877-775-9884.